Donamari is a portraiture photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She discovered her love of photography when she began studying photography in High School. She put her camera down until a friend gifted her an SLR  to document her first child's life. Donamari resumed her studies, having completed the New York Institute of Photography program. With the birth of her second, her love of photographing children and families was cemented, as was her new love of studio photography. 

Donamari loves images that are a straight-forward record of a moment in a child's life, as well as the quirky, fun, and silly moments that memorize who that child is right now. As children grown, they begin to develop their own aesthetic, and have opinions on what they would like their images to look like, elements they would like to include, or interests they would like represented.  

Now that Donamari has one in High School, and one finishing College, she has an even great appreciation of the images that capture her children's growth, phases, and personality development.